Our Philosophy
The Foundation

The Grind Wrestling Club believes that the sport of wrestling prepares young athletes for the journey of life. Through the sport of wrestling, we strive to instill the values of discipline, work ethic, leadership, teamwork, courage, perseverance, respect, and integrity. Through triumph and defeat, our wrestlers learn how to face and overcome life's most difficult challenges. We are committed to making an enduring positive impact on each of our athletes.

Interested in joining The Grind Wrestling Club or learning more? Call us at 404-693-0265 or email us at info@thegrindwrestling.com.

Our Mission
The Grind Wrestling Club's mission is to build champions both on and off of the wrestling mat. Through rigorous training of the mind and body, our wrestlers learn how to continuously improve and reach higher levels of success.
Our Core Values
The Grind Wrestling Club's core values apply equally to wrestling and to life.
  • Discipline - consistently execute the behaviors that yield success
  • Work Ethic - commit to rigorous and sustained preparation
  • Leadership - inspire and motivate those around you
  • Teamwork - meaningfully contribute to the achievements of your peers
  • Courage - fearlessly confront your most daunting challenges
  • Perseverance - continually rise to face extreme difficulties
  • Respect - treat all you encounter with honor and dignity
  • Integrity - exude honesty and morality at all times